Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Lesson:One sees great things from the valley, small things from the peak


15mins ago...
I connected to the net and found my friend, ALASTAIR COTTLE was on MSN. I asked him what he was doing, he said " Blogging." I made a polite joke and we conversed. I went to see his Blog thing- which he explained to me. Where I found he had made illegtimate comments about my best friend in the whole world - who stood by me , when Alastair never did.

I commented on what he had written and asked if her had mentioned me... ( substantial quesion- right?) He then began to analyze me... and telling me bla bla how I worry too much and when I run out of things to worry about I just worry that I have not worried enough.


Alastair- I have blogged you now.

For the record... for those of you who have seen Blog- drama-student-alastair...

he just proves my point of today:
" One sees great things from the valley, small things from the peak."

Alastair u are so far up your own peak that all you can see is small stuff which has no importance in life. I dont care if I am a worrier, or if I am irrate, or bitchy, or controlling... atleast I am in the valley and I can see the big pic and dont box or catergorize the shit out of you...

Love you. Kiss kiss...

and for the record. Kale Hocking deserved that Excellence because he was in my performance and we rocked. He worked his arse off and deserved it!!!

** Note: I got an excellence too. :P